AR Sudoku Solver

The AR Sudoku Solver is a tech demo that uses a camera and some image processing algorithms to find sudoku grids, solve them and project the results back into the picture. I did some back-of-the-envelope calculations in 2007 that showed that my desktop at the time should be able to do that as fast as the web-cam delivers the pictures. In the following I have implemented it in Active Oberon and got the expected frame-rate without using special SIMD instructions.

Recently I have ported the code to C and added an Android wrapper. The current version reaches about 5fps on a Nexus One or Nexus S.

The program expects the grid to be freestanding, flat and not manually filled. Best results are achieved in good lightning conditions. The solver does not try to solve grids with less than 20 symbols (not restricted to numbers). All symbols must appear at least once.

Video of the Active Oberon Version running on Windows

Now as an Android application in the Android Market.

Tested Devices

So far I got the feedback that the program works on the following devices: